Photo Story - The Wedding Ring!

The Wedding Ring - Y&Y Photography

I was at my friend's house early before her engagement party starts. She was quite stressed, & she was getting VERY nervous by every minute passes!

Few minutes before the party starts, her mum came, hugged her, and said, "He (the groom) will do nothing but putting a ring in your finger! It's just a ring!!"...

The mother's words really touched me deeply!! I recalled less than two weeks before, when me & my friend were talking, & telling me how she & her family are worry & not sure if they should accept the proposal or not!!

Thanks to Allah, the party was amazing! & I decided to have memory of *that ring*! So, I get down on my knees (despite the presences of the guests), to take this shot!! :D 

That's why I believe that..
Sometimes it sounds like just putting a *ring*. However it doesn't take just "some" time to put in it!!!!


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