Kids Photography First Trail!

Last Saturday, I was at Mom & Kids Bazaar. The best part that I enjoyed the most, even more than photographing food, is photographing kids!

This is my first time ever to take photos of kids. So, I was so excited to see what I got.

Abo Bakr & Khadiga:
Abo Bakr & Khadiga - Y&Y Photography
Khadiga was quite upset of something! I approached her, asking "Why the long face?!". She looked at me in a way that says,"I'm upset! I'm upset & won't tell you why!!!".. I tried to make her speak out, till her brother, Abo Bakr, joined us with a look at his eyes telling me "You look interesting!"; and replied on behave of her, "Her name is Khadiga.".
- "Khadiga! & Your name?"
- "Abo Bakr".
- "Why is she upset, Abo Bakr?"
- "Don't know!!" (he has such an adorable voice!! ^_^).
- "You'd leave her feeling upset without doing anything??"
- "Donn know!"
- "OK! So, Abo Bakr, would you like to take a photo?"

At this moment the look at Khadiga's face changed, stating, "Hey!! I'm the upset one here! I'm the one who needs attention!". I noticed the look, so, I said, "Come on, I'll take a photo of both of you! Wouldn't you hold your sister, Abo Bakr?"

After couple seconds of hesitation, Abo Bakr put his arm around Khadiga's shoulder, & gave me this pose!! Khadiga still upset!

They were SOOOO CUTE and Adorable! I usually forget names of new people I meet! But, definitely, I won't forget lovely Abo Bakr & Khadiga. God bless them! :)

Omar - Y&Y Photography
More five minutes, and I would be able to convince him that there's two Omars!! The one standing here in front of me; and another one in the camera!! :D

The Coloring Group:
The coloring group - Y&Y Photography
I love kids & their world! They'd welcome you joining their world without questioning your intentions! They might scan you with a very short look, just to recognize "what" are you, then turn back to their masterpieces with their full attention!

Sometimes, I wish old people do the same! I mean, how many CEOs, managers, or even fathers, would like to be approached/watched without questioning you, or at least act normally without *pretending*!!

For me, it's pure innocence Vs complicated pretending!

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