Istanbul: The Mosques Challenge

Istanbul mosques were the only disappointing thing for me! All of them are almost identical in the over all look & architecture. I'm not used on that! Egypt ancient mosques (and even churches) have many varieties in architecture, look, and shape.

The frustration I felt at every mosque I visit, made me think, "OK, there must be something... Something special about everyone! Think.. Just think & search.."

So, it turned from frustration into challenge! The challenge to find a new fresh angles, compositions, and light effects!

That was one of the lessons I learned there! Spend more time & effort to find "that special thing", as it's not always crystal!

& This photo is also one of my favorites :)

Eyüp Sultan Mosque - Istanbul - Y&Y Photography
Eyüp Sultan Mosque - Istanbul - Y&Y Photography

More photos of Eyüp Sultan Mosque on Facebook, here:
& on Google+, here:

Photos of Süleymaniye Mosque on Facebook, here:
& on Google+, here:


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